Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Translation: Helgurd Sekran National Park to be added to the Iraqi map.

By : Ramal Qesreyi
Translation : Alex Berry 

At the request of Iraqi Environment Ministry, the Helgurd Sekran National Park project, including a 1200 km2 river, is set to appear on the map of Iraq, adding to the global number of national parks.

Abdulwahid Gwani, district officer of Choman and Chairman for the board of the Helgurd Sekran National Park, happily explained that a decision had been reached after a thorough investigation carried out by the Iraqi Environment Ministry which would see the existence of the national park and its 1200 km2 river being added to the Iraqi map. He added that “full assistance and future support has been promised to us by the Iraqi Environment Ministry.”

The Chairman also explained that this crucial step by the Iraqi government would change the global map which currently features two thousand and thirty three national parks.

The Helgurd Sekran National Park is an environmental protection project and is being carried out by the Kurdish Regional Government with the assistance of several local and foreign professors and experts in the Balekayeti region within the Arbil Governorate. Work on the project has already begun.

Last week a group including a representative from the Iraqi Environment Ministry, the president of the Environmental Protection and Improvement group in the Kurdish region and the policy manager for the Iraqi Environment Ministry travelled to the Balekayeti region and met with the staff working on the project.

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